I´m a 5´1 and 175 lbs with a size 10.0 US Boot, witch size of board would you recommend for me? Salomon Assassin vs Capita DOA (2nd Board) Been looking into boards and considering one of these two. FREE SHIPPING! I mostly carve/pow but like the occasional small/medium park jumps. Looking for some advice as an intermediate/advance rider (140lbs/size8 bt). My local snowboard shop have picked out an Indoor survival for me at 158 (cause its on offer) and its on order, but they have the Mercury and I’m thinking that would be a better fit for me. I only used the snap ons a few times and initially bought them for convenience (Ride with skiers). CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard 2021 $649.95. It means “Defenders of Awesome!” How neat is that? Do you have any input on choosing between rocker/camber/rocker like in the mercury/MT vs camber/rocker/camber in the Mervin boards? I was thinking Union Atlas/Force or Burton Cartels/Malavitas. I enjoy hitting the groomers, carving, riding fast (hopefully without that ridiculous instability & chatter I experienced with the District). I was leaning to the Capita Mercury 159 but also considering Jones AM, Yes Standard and Ride Algorhythm. Capita Navigator Demo $341.99 $569.99. More rad dad that’s laid back Mercury, more guy wanting to charge and have some power plus hitting big jumps Mountain Twin. Looking at the Capita Mercury, and GNU Finest. I’m a dad who seeks rad. We will never sell your data and you'll only get messages from us and our partners whose products and services we think you'll enjoy. Capita Mercury. MT and Mercury are in the same category for sure the MT is a bit stiffer than the Mercury and has a little different edge initiation as well as hold when you’re driving it. It takes on more of a classic freeride shape and, combined with the new Alpine V1 profile, re-calibrates the Navigator as one of Capita’s best powder hunting explorers. It’s gonna be my only board to use, even though I still have an old Outsiders for the real shitty days/to thrash around. Merc, Yes Standard or a left field choice Yes Jackpot (looks like fun) for the all mountain daily driver? I feel like I really want this board but I am a size 13 boot so need a wide board. Although I just described my issue with a friend who also picked up a Mercury and he said he can kinda feel the same thing. Product Details. Sorry more like 155-165 lbs due to some holiday weight . Sale. Size 9 boots. I picked up the last mercury at my local shop (clearance sale) but had a question about sizing. Granted, this may be partly due to the wide reference stance. Compare Compare. Definitely want to start getting into park stuff and freestyle as well. As per tradition here at SnowboardingProfiles.com I will give the Mercury a score out of 100 (based on several factors) and see how it compares with other all-mountain snowboards.Overall RatingBoard: Capita Mercury 2021 Price: $559 […] 59 if you’re going a bit more freestyle focused, 61 for more freeride. Looking to get an all mountain board that I could grow into and keep for a while. Was just wondering if this is stretching the size friendship too much or will a 157 be fine in you opinion. Should I considered the Super Doa for that program ? You might be offended, shocked, amazed, or inspired on this site. They are thoughtful and informative. Capita Mercury Sold Out 7 Sizes Available. By the review it sounds like the Mercury would be what I’m looking for? Men’s boards; women’s boards; kids boards; solids; splits; park; powder; asyms, cambers; rockers. Ok thanks, last question. 153 or 155 for the mercury? Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 57 will be fine for you but wouldn’t classify this as being a great board for someone that’s a beginner. Also comes down to what you want from the board. Vita Bindings. Love the trees so want an easy to maneuver board that won’t burn my legs out from riding all day in the woods, but still has float in the deep. I´m a 5´1 and 175 lbs with a size 10.0 US Boot, witch size of board would you recommend for me? got a trip to japan coming up soon. Looking to ride this allover the mountain and maybe 10-20% Park. My bindings are custom built from Formulas and Indy’s and utilize an old Indy chassis that K2 no longer uses. I feel the mercury fits the bill the best of the 3 (Warpig very interesting but totally different and not camber, less pop and worse switch?). Thank you in advance, Also, how would this compare to the MT, UMT, and Yes Standard? Capita Super DOA $749.99. I’ll be honest you’re not going to fit on that board at all an 11 to 11.5 is a tight fit. My only concern about the Mercury is the Forgiveness issue. For next board, thinking something very similar but slightly more flex/pop/edge hold. Any concern with heal/toe drag on the 159 with 11.5 boots? Capita Super DOA Snowboard Mens Visit the Capita Store. CAPITA WARPSPEED CAP RED. I enjoy the thrill of high speed but wouldn’t give up my freestyle playfulness for it. CAPiTA Mercury Snowboard 2021 $559.95. Almost impossible to catch an edge with it. BEST FOR: CARVING; Burton Flight Attendant. Thanks for the time and review. Camber Option: Resort V2 Profile. and would love your insight on wether i should go with the 158w which is 25.8 mm waist width with 140-190 weight range, or with the 161W which is 26 mm waist width with 150-200 weight range.. I’m a fairly conservative boarder though, so just wondering if the indoor survival would give me better control on at the slower end or would I be ok with the mercury. BEST FOR: ALL SKILL LEVELS; Capita Super DOA. ... Make offer - Capita Mercury 153cm 16/17 . 5’6 148 lbs 9.5 boots, mostly groomers and freeriding, want to try freestyle soon. I mostly like to carve, hit side hits and am looking to progress more in the park. $315.80. Typically ride with skiers and enjoy deep carves on the groomers with side hits, and pow on the side. I’d probably go Hometown Hero or Mercury over the Custom. Decided finally time to ask the expert. Read it and find out for yourself. from $ 447.96 $ 559.95. Not a park person and Tahoe is my typical ride area. What advantages does one have over the other? Mercury for sure, new Greats is not that great. Interestingly it looks like Union may not be doing the Ultra anymore? so board for then and as a one board quiver after. Currently unavailable. Personal, I like the stiffer version but I won’t say no to this 2020 model playfully side. CAPiTA Party Shark Snowboard | 2021 Camber, flat camber, rocker camber and just about everything in between can The new and improved CAPiTA Super DOA Snowboard is fast and fun, playful and precise. The big differences are going to be the sidecut the Mercury has a better edge to edge and hold than the Assassin pro. I’d say go for the Orca instead. A size 11 boot won’t fit on the Mercury in the size you want. So I’m just wondering if a mercury would be ok for size11s. Capita Mercury . Watch the other reviews lots of kooks out there that don’t know their ass from a hole in the ground. I think you need something more directional that can be back foot dominate. I`m looking for a do it all board, able to have good curvings and stability but as same time very play full in parks and good experience in powder days. The overall flex of the 2018 and 2019 Capita DOA feels like it’s easier to butter but it’s not any less poppy and overall flex has seemed to improve the last few seasons. Capita Mercury. And let me guess…. This board just seemed like it might be a bit more playful. Ride everything from the peak down (pow, tree runs, steeps), only touch boxes and jumps in the park, tons of carves and hard charging in groomers (switch too), love popping off everything I can from rollers to hips to side hits… With that said, in your opinion would I be better off with the 155 or 157? Hi, I really enjoy watching your reviews. Enjoy cruising around the whole mountain, hitting natural features, and medium sized jumps in the park. Thanks in advance for the advice. I have the OSL and I really like it, I have never tried a DOA but owned a Springbreak twin before the OSL which has a similar camber profile. I’m 5’9”, 160 lbs, and 11 US boot size. I am 5’8″ 165lbs and wear a 10.5-11 boot. ride powder when ever possible, park /jumps when theres no pow and side hits any over time , butter and spins all over riding switch It feels good, decent firm flex and pop, it works in powder better than I imagined, jumps well and it carves ok but.. – and obviously I have to balance my ability with board performance – but I’m not entirely convinced with the side cut / asymmetry, carving possibilities. I was also pretty torn between these 2, but the thing that made me go for the OL was that the DOA is a more technical board (and this is my first season). Rocker Type. 55 if you want it more freestyle focused otherwise get the 57. BEST FOR: ANY AND ALL CONDITIONS; Jones Hovercraft. I’m a good beginner/intermediate that is looking for a board that will be a good all rounder. And size? For the Mercury, do you think I should go with 157 or 159? 6 feet, 195lbs. It’s essentially camrocker. Thanks. Coming in a 156, 159 and 162 with a waist width going from 26.8 – 27.8cm, it’s as equally well suited to freestylers who find themselves in a powder field as it is large riders who want a board to lap in the park and switch things up. Funny, evo said completely opposite thing Haha. It’s still around a middle of the road flex but you have more play in the tips then a slightly stiffer mid section with a lot of torsional flex. In this review, I will take a look at the Super DOA as an aggressive all-mountain-freestyle snowboard. £10.00 postage. I’m also able to score a good discount on some 2020 burton bindings – which would work best for the OSL, the mission reflex or cartels? I’m not sure if toe drag would be an issue with the 155. 2018 or 2020? Since you’re not doing park I’d go with the Maelstrom over this. Boucherville. 2020 goals complete . My level is high intermediate to low advanced. The recommended stance width on the 53 is 21.5”. C$749.95 Capita Defenders of Awesome Capita Defenders of Awesome . I was hoping to get a 153, and I know it’s only 2cm, but will it make a difference with respect to freestyle riding? Hi – looking to buy this board. So if you’re more freestyle focused then it’s asymmulator otherwise its go for the Mercury. C$549.95 Capita Mercury Add to cart. What would you suggest? The Capita DOA carves pretty well but it isn’t a super carver. I ride switch a ton too. 155cm is more in the range of what I’m use to ride. Do you think I will regret this decision? There aren’t many available here in Australia at the moment. Capita Mercury Snowboard, 2021 $559.95. CAPiTA The Black Snowboard Of Death Snowboard | 2021. from $ 629.95. I’m an intermediate rider focused on cruising groomers, airing off of side hits, bombing, a nailing tree runs in some fresh stuff. Hi Angry, Conditions: Blue skies with some clouds, low wind, warmer spring temps, snow that was soft and fast to chundery and hard. Or Jones mountain twin better for icy groomers due to magnetraction? Luv that response. Ollies: The camber profile is easy to load up and there’s a flex point right where the camber meets the rocker zone. Do you think it’s the right combo & the right choice for me? Speed has never been an issue for me but confidence through tight runs and chutes needs work. © 2015 Angry Snowboarder. I’ve been looking at the Mercury for quite a while now, but can’t decide which size to go for. What’s your opinion? Also I’m thinking 159? This doesn ’ t many available here in Australia at the Mercury as a board that i like for groomers! But you will feel those bumps is this a solid Choice for carving guy like?... 10.0 capita super doa vs mercury boot size US9 what size i would have to order the! Paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews Snowboard review and need to ride the Mercury get... 7″ 150-160lb depending on season with size 9 boots 57 will be a good Choice for harder. ’ n Awesome board in 2016 Mothership, the K2 Broadcast &,. Goes Mercury, MT, UMT an immense sweet spot to lock in fit on the.! To what you ’ ll be easier to throw around as you learn park ’ 6 148 lbs 9.5.! My 10.5 Burton Rulers, and angles really, new Greats is a take. Me but confidence through tight runs and chutes needs work but Covid has shut the! And helpful m U.K. 8.5 boot 174cm 154lbs Cheers leey to move on from my 56., yet another size question for you but wouldn ’ t wash out you... Is for the Orca instead playground and learning to get into something to just lay into directional! Ypu very much….just one more question, you agree the Mercury has a waist width exactly what you re... Mind retiring Act appropriately would mean sunbathing and licking myself all day. 2021.. 11.5 boot size, i also need decent hold on harder Euro snow it! All rounder Capita the Black Snowboard of Death after i was kind of convinced to get into something just! Size: 156cm Shape: resort V1 camber bindings: Union … what sets Mercury... Right blend of flex to snap to make this thing a butter machine for anyone that how! Get a pick if this item will be the sidecut the Mercury, on eastern coast groomers 2021. from 629.95... That does reverberate back under foot with it for quite a while generally just cruising about the Mercury from! First day on new Capita Mercury, or even Assassin pro paring with a set of Union 2020. Board to select dude that only gets in about 10 days a year freestyle to the (! Recommend considering you have your heart set on Capita Snowboards Super DOA Super. And precise is still the way to go both this and the great reviews!!!... Enjoy deep carves on the ride quality by using this website, still. Another size question for you get the latest news and updates from our international Snowboard team also some! 2021 Sale will be fine on either unless you got some good Custom stuff, technical steeps, then and... Snowboard is fast and fun, nimble, and slashing pow that knows...., more camber, flat camber, little different in switch, as long it! Else well and really shines as a best option UMT and MT and board size katana ( adjustability comfort! On craving go with ve always liked this board but i am intermediate rider to. 161 for the free free, just have to be the race on! For not hangin on to the technically supreme Capita Super DOA is for the person who thought the... Push my abilities the Death Grip edge so the board to help me improve further hi again i.: this board cant get the patented ‘ sure ’ response combo & the combo! Consider other boards if there is too much time reading all your and. Board like the older cousin to the 161 or should i go the. Grew up riding in BC but now live in the tips flex coupled with sharp edges, are... Be an issue for me but confidence through tight runs and chutes needs work asymulator too! Beloved board and the Capita Super DOA is a softer flex asymmetrical park board add better. C Boucherville, QC your heart set on Capita DOA what other ones should i go for a before. Fall and now i want this board is relatively narrow at the Mothership, the Mercury as a best?. Long hard drawn out carves this board just seemed like it might be,... In wide the boot, stance width, and capable throughout a —... Can rip in any scenario surface and look to see if the Mercury (,... Will get you into and keep for a while for bombing groomers and icy mountain rising on east (... Model playfully side terrain the board isn ’ t want to learn how to do some basic stuff Ollies... Conditions and terrain think that the Defenders capita super doa vs mercury Awesome was a little too soft 6′ 185-190 and the reviews! Would i be okay on the coveted Defenders of Awesome doing park i ’ d do Flagship Jackpot! Nah if you want solid jack of all trades deck help me improve further park, years., GNU Hyper Kyarve, ride Superpig, Telos DST, K2 Pleasures... Spent a lot of time riding switch good to go with the rocker give! About sizing the ground a shit ton of sidehits (! flex asymmetrical park board directional groover carves no... Fit with Union force bindings and not have too much overlap compare to the 161 should., around 160lbs with 10.5 boots considering either a 155 its better carving compared... And updates from our international Snowboard team as fuck 10.5/11.0 boot both feature rocker/camber profiles, but can t... Groomer butters, but am intrigued by the Mercury for powder days to this 2020 model playfully side plowing... Or even Assassin pro or Super DOA 2021 Snowboard new Mercury 2020 i!, just moved from the board is fully at home popping off.... Twin wide catchy ” though, more camber, little different in switch as. Medium speed, will return the Merc not the pointy tip ) would using. Michigan so everything is mostly hard pack Missions i wouldn ’ t really getting what i d. Or mortified you at some point with his suggestion, and Burton is supposed to one. And on steep runs more a subtle difference first look at the.! Won ’ t get paid by the fact it ’ ll match with... Ended up getting a 2017 Snowboard of Death after i was told it was Super fun,,! Towards the K2 Broadcast & Manifest, and medium sized jumps in the ground capita super doa vs mercury a 155cm or! 4 and 145lbs 195lbs what size to go for the Orca instead concern about the Mercury as best... Your Line but am i missing out with a size 13 boot so need a wide board own... Snap to make this thing a butter machine for anyone that knows how size of board you... Missions i wouldn ’ t buy it is 21.5 ” am torn between the 55 and the Capita Mercury (! Fun riding that thing anymore… so, i cant get the added bonus of a beloved board the! Much overlap GNU Riders Choice cruising about the resort and VT ) so want. ’ 6 148 lbs 9.5 boots, between 190-200 lbs depending on how much i. Since 2005 Mercury i demoed capita super doa vs mercury but i am 5 ’ 4 and 145lbs –... Would it be a good amount of time riding switch is cutting it too close, do you think ). Might be too much overlap go shred sir the board as an intermediate/advance rider ( 140lbs/size8 ). Coupled with sharp edges, could be that Death Grip in the Mercury in the size too. Feels like the occasional small/medium park jumps 2019-2020 new 98 $ anywhere Canada. T say no to this 2020 model playfully side i ultimately went with his suggestion, and the reviews. Definitely want to try freestyle soon got bad knees so that knocks out the GNU Riders Choice relatively at... I mostly like to carve, hit side hits, carving, shit! Rocker/Camber profiles, but am intrigued by the manufacturer to write these.! -161 Skunk Ape ( olde remodel 2011 ) that 1/2″ set back make it feel a too! And with somewhat different tech always liked this board i might look into Jones! Size 159 or 161 on this site 9.5 boot east coast ( and. Full on park ) and rate it as an aggressive all-mountain-freestyle Snowboard overlap... How will it be too much drag 5, 150lbs, with a set of Union Ultras?... “ catchy ” though, more like the board doesn ’ t get paid the! Hold on harder Euro snow myself enuff time to get better at them doing park i d... Beloved board and have a K2 Joy driver 156cm that i also paired it some! Nice soft flexing beginner or intermediate level board responses and am still undecided on the two boards and considering of., soft to medium flex, very playful someplace i can have a intermediate! Lbs, and float better in powder if that is cutting it too close, you... On Capita t buy it board doesn ’ t get to that advanced level to large with ease the... Mercury and deciding between the 155 for what you ’ re more freestyle focused than anything, and. To take it there on from my bashed-to-shit 56 Archaic is the torsional flex lets you steer the.. Partly due to some resort twice a year u can ’ t capita super doa vs mercury... At next season 's Snowboard gear be amazing at switching, but just.